System Monitoring has to be done regularly in order to track the efficiency and the utilization of the systems. Monitoring the systems for system logs, successful backups, runtime errors, locks, updates, buffer quality, CPU performance etc achieve this.

Transactions to be executed daily by any Basis consulatnt  to ensure sustained availability and view overall performance are as below. This list of Tcode  is the most important  and used almost daily

SM21              System Log

SM37              Simple Job Selection

ST22               ABAP Runtime Errors

SM12              Lock Entries

SM13              Update Requests

SM51              SAP Servers

SP01               Spool Requests

ST02               Tune Summary

ST03/ST03N  Workload Analysis

ST04               Database Performance Analysis

ST06               Operating System Monitor

DB12              Database Backup

DB13              DBA Calendar

DB02              Tablespace Overview

RZ20               CCMS

SMQ1            Outbound Queue

SMQ2             Inbound Queue

SPAD             Spool Administration


GRMG           Generic Request Message Generator

ST01               System Trace