SAP BUSINESS SUITE – The Steroids for Businesses

SAP BUSINESS SUITE Powered by HANA– The Steroids for Businesses

SAP Business Suite is now powered by  real time technology: SAP HANA. This software brings together transactional and analytical data into a single in-memory-based solution which can deliver analysis in matter of seconds and having the power to process billions of records to provide you meaningful insights of this massive data in real time. You can now drive your entire business to create new business value with smarter business innovations, faster business processes, and simpler business interactions. Massive compression of data helps in keeping the cost low for the infrastructure budget. Also sate of the art front end application helps to manage and scale the SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA easily without much hassle.

SAP Business Suite software powered by HANA helps businesses quickly optimize, execute, and align their business and IT strategies to maximize profits and enhance maximum utilization of resources thus driving more profits. Eg: Auction companies can quickly analyze the sales trend ,price trends, customer reviews and adjust their business processes accordingly to maximize profits and make real time optimization across the organization in a matter of seconds. Another example is a power distribution company can get real time insight on the power consumption and thereby adjust  the power generation and distribution efficiently which was nearly impossible without the real time Sap HANA. The suite gives you the unique ability to perform essential end-to-end business processes with modular applications that are designed to work with other SAP and non-SAP business solutions.

Along with  reporting and analytics functions for your entire organization , SAP Business Suite provides a robust technology environment for designing, composing, and adapting business processes that meet the specific needs of your industry. Core applications within SAP Business Suite support processes for finance, human resources, manufacturing, procurement, product development, marketing, sales, service, supply chain management, and IT management.

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