What is SAP HANA

What is SAP HANA

HANA stands for High Performance Analytic Appliance. 90% of The coding is done in C++ and the key feature of SAP HANA is that it is in memory computing

1)In memory computing (RAM) makes it fast

2)Lowers cost of operation

3)users of all levels are empowered to conduct immediate ad hoc data

analyses and transaction with SAP HANA DB

processing using massive amounts of real time data

Traditional databases like oracle sql, had limitation due to bottleneck of disk I/O and SAP HANA has rectified this by a different approach of in Memory computing.

Hardware innovations like the multi core CPU with handling capacity of huge amount of RAM has lead to SAP HANA innovation.parallel processing is possible, 80 cores and 128 cores servers capable of handling more than 1TB of RAM is available making the future of  in memory computing

Available on suse linux and red hat linux platform.can handle OLTP,OLAP.