S4/HANA next generation ERP to change the dynamics of Business

SAP’s much awaited S4/HANA – a SaaS model that runs on Hana and will change the way companies operate is a very calculative move of SAP.

S/4Hana would eliminate 40 percent of the SAP IT load, which comes with the data exchange between systems like CRM and ERP else BW and ERP, SCM with ERP , by running applications on one system

What this means to IT industry is less hardware and less distributed complex architecture to manage, hence reducing the TOC .

With growing sales over internet and companies going global, big data is causing data complexity. With S/4 HANA this complex system setup will be removed and application and database will be combined and many satellite components will run on a single database. This will reduce redundant data and also resolve the issues of non integrated system structures

The Suite will also  integrates with SAP’s acquisitions like Ariba, SuccessFactors and Concur, which is a huge benefit for customers who are using these products or are planning to use these products of SAP.

Fiori, an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) will be fully utilized for usage with S4/HANA. SAP legacy GUI are age old and with IT dynamics switching to mobile devices and apps SAP Fiori will be a life saver for the next generation for Business.

All new customers who do not use SAP will be a easy and very cost affective to implement S4/HANA , where as existing customers may feel the initial pain due to the migration, licensing and hardware cost involved.

SAP announcement of S4/HANA has made it clear HANA is proved and tested database and ready make a mark in the ERP industry. HANA as a database will be the biggest competitor for Oracle, SQl and DB2. And as pricing of the database gets cheaper huge number of customer will start switching from oracle,Sql,DB2 or any other database to HANA .

By 2025 I predict all SAP customers will be running  HANA  and running multiple components on a single database HANA, And also Non SAP customer will be ditching oracle, sql and other database and be switching to HANA.